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Provider Factsheet - HSO Payment Information Updates - 5 April 2022

The Hearing Services Program released minor updates to the Hearing Services Online Portal (the portal) on the evening of 4 April 2022. This update improves the capacity for you to do reconciliation of payments by introducing a new report function, and to search for claims using payment date range. This change has not affected any other functions of the portal.

Issue Addressed

The previous Claims Export Report format did not allow providers to easily reconcile the claims and recoveries against the bank account statement for each payment run.

New Features

Reconciliation Report

A new Reconciliation Report is now available when a provider searches by Payment Run ID. This allows you to reconcile the claims and recoveries processed in a payment run against the bank account total paid. If claims are searched by Payment Run ID a new Reconciliation Button will appear. Clicking this button will result in the Reconciliation Report for that Payment Run ID being created and downloaded.

This report:

  • Is available for download for all payment runs since 26 November 2019, as an .xls file to ensure that all fields are visible including the run IDs and that the leading 0 is shown in numbers.
  • Differentiates between the claim submission and payment dates and any recovery submission and payment dates.
  • Includes a new column for claim type (Electronic, Manual or Revalidation)
  • Includes a summary table of the total claims, total recoveries and the total paid to the provider (as shown below) The actual payment amount will be the sum of the total claims approved since the last payment run minus any total recoveries owed.

Attachment A provides a list and description of the available fields in the new Reconciliation Report. A Quick Reference Guide and video walkthrough will be made available shortly to show the steps to producing a Reconciliation Report. The program will also be offering Q&A sessions regarding the new report if required.

Search for Claims by Date of Payment Range

Previously providers were only able to run Claims Export Reports for a date range for ‘date of submission’ and ‘date of service’. Providers can now be able to search and export a Claims Export Report by date range for date of payment.

Please note that for recovered claims the date of payment shown in the Claims Export Report is the date the amount was recovered not the date the original claim was paid.

For further information visit the program website or email  

Missing Payment Information

Fixes have been implemented to ensure all payment information is correctly written to the claim. For all future reports, providers should no longer have missing payment information unless there are insufficient claims to cover any recovery amounts owed. Details such as Payment Run ID, dates of payment and payment amounts should be shown in the Claims Export Report and Reconciliation Report for all claims.

Key Terms

Payment Run ID: The Payment Run ID is the 16-digit number used as a unique reference for payments made to providers. This number is shown on the provider’s bank account statement and can be used to search the portal for all claims and recoveries processed in that payment run. This number is specific to each provider and to each payment run date.

Claim - Payment Run ID: This is the column in the Claims Export Report and Reconciliation Report that shows the payment run in which the claim was paid.

Recovery - Payment Run ID: This is the column in the Claims Export Report and Reconciliation Report that shows the payment run in which the claim amount was deducted.

Claims Export Report: This is the existing export report available through the portal after searching for claims with different filters.

Reconciliation Report: This is a new report that will be available from 5 April 2022 to allow providers to reconcile claims and recoveries for an individual payment run. Providers will be able to access this report when they search by Payment Run ID.

Attachment A – Reconciliation Report Fields

Column Heading


Claim Id

The unique ID for the Claim

Voucher Number

The voucher number the claim was submitted for

Client Family Name

The client's family name

Client First Name

The client’s first name

Item Number

The Item number for the claim

Claim Type

The type of claim i.e., electronic, portal, manual

Claim Status

The status of the claim i.e., approved, recovered, rejected

Date of Service

The date of service supplied for the claim

Date of Submission

The date the claim was submitted

Date of Payment

The date the claim was paid

Claim - Payment Run ID

The Payment Run ID where the claim was paid

Total Payment

The total paid for the claim (GST Inclusive)


The total GST amount for that claim

Recovery - Payment Run ID

The Payment Run ID where the claim amount was deducted as a recovery

Recovery - Submission Date

The date the recovery was submitted via the portal

Recovery - Deduction Date

The date the claim amount was deducted as a recovery

Total Recovered

The total amount recovered

GST Recovered

The total GST recovered

Recovery Reason

The reason entered for the recovery

Provider Reference Number

The reference number supplied by the provider for the claim

Site ID

The Site ID provided with the claim (6 digits)

Practitioner Number

the QP number provided with the claim

Practitioner Family Name

The QP family name

Practitioner Given Name

The QP given name

Provider Name

The provider who submitted the claim

Contractor Code

The provider's contractor code (4 digits)

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